Message from APA Board:

We are pleased that our membership is concerned about meeting our activity requirements. There is in our constitution a way for members to plead their case for an exemption from printing four items. At the end of the year (December 1) contact Vice President Mark Barbour if you need to be exempt from the printing requirements. Whether you can’t be in your printing location or need to care for elderly or ill, or become ill yourself, we will grant exemptions. Please do not let our requirements add to your stress. We are not removing the printing requirement for all. While our times are unprecedented, we are not yet through the third month of 2020. Many of us will have more time to print in the month ahead than we have had in a long time.

Our mailers have wisely had reasonable precautions in place (wearing gloves, disposing of packaging) even before this pandemic.

Please do not take risks or disobey civil authorities in order to print.

Wishing you all health and peace,

Joe Warren

New APALetPressGroup Site…

I have been “out of the loop” for awhile with the changes at Yahoo Groups and the apparent collapse of the Yahoo Groups of late….  I don’t think Yahoo even notified me of the group changes via email, I just realized it when I went to check the site.  I had seen a few messages in the San Jose History Park Letterpress group about a new group site at, along with SFLetterpress.

So, I have set up a new APALetPressGroup at

This group may be subscribed to at the link below. However, be aware that any non-active members will be removed, as the group is for active members only.  I still have to figure out approvals, etc. for new members.

I will also be sending out an invitation email to all active members as soon as I get an updated list of email addresses from our secretary-treasurer.

Latest Round of Reinstated & New Members…

Here are the new members that will bring us up to our full complement of 150.
(Unless we lose some for not paying their dues. It happens every year.)

The following is a reactivated member for 2019:

819: Michael Addison
Rough Magic Press
Ojai, California

The following are NEW members to the APA, please welcome them to the group!

961: Joyce Gabriel
Studio 57 Letterpress & Design
Hillsboro, Oregon

962: Cathleen Cherry
chez cerise
Prescott, Arizona

963: Ted Ollier
Reflex Letterpress
Charlestown, Massachusetts

964: Craig Busteed
Green Turtle Press
Derry, New Hampshire