All New APA Wayzgoose Photo Galleries…

A new, more robust photo gallery plug-in has been added to the website to replace the page based gallery that was used for the 2016 St. Louis Wayzgoose photos.  The existing photos have been added to the new gallery system.

If anyone has photos from any past APA Wayzgoose events they would like posted to this new gallery system, please contact the website design manager for submission information by CLICKING HERE.

The APA Wayzgoose Photo Galleries can be accessed by CLICKING HERE or using the link found in the left sidebar of any page.

  • Thanks to Sky Shipley [#578] for scans of the official group photos from 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998 & 2006.
  • Thanks to George Chapman [#658] for scans of the official group photos from 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004 & 2009.
  • Thanks to Erin Beckloff [#855] for scans of the official group photos from 1977, 1982 & 2015.
  • Thanks to Bob Mullen [#398] for scans of the updated identifier map for 1977.
  • Thanks to David Smith [#605] for his “unofficial” group photo from 2022.
  • Thanks to John Deason [#798] for his photos from the 2016 Wayzgoose in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Thanks to Bruce McDonald [#56] & Esther Smith [#958] for their photos from the 2022 Aloha ‘Goose in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

In Search of Wayzgoose 2017 Location!

Representing the Denver letterpress community, Jason Wedekind has just advised me that they have elected not to host the Wayzgoose next year. At this point we still have an offer on the table from Mark Barbour to stage it at the International Printing Museum. It’s good to get to each coast now and then, but the midwest is America’s letterpress center of gravity, and gathering there will facilitate the maximum attendance.

Personally, I think Printers Hall in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, is about as perfect a venue and location as we could ask for. There’s also a lot of letterpress happening in and around Madison, Wisconsin, including the huge shop Ky & Sara have put together in a big old former furniture store. Do we get to see that one of these years, hint hint?

So the window of opportunity is open, folks. Whither shall we convene next summer?

Sky Shipley
APA President

New Photo Gallery Page…

I just added a new page to the APA-Letterpress website for posting photos of the annual Wayzgoose for all to see.  I have posted the 120 photos that John Deason, #789 sent out via email to everyone in the APA.

The new page can be found by CLICKING HERE

If anyone else has pictures to be added to the site, you can email them to me directly at  Please reduce your pictures to less than 800×600 pixels for a smaller attachment size.  I will probably reduce them to about 640×480 for display & storage.  Everyone’s group of pictures will be presented in it’s own gallery.

WayzGoose 2016: WayzGoose STL Website Online

[Corrected Post!  #1 error: not proof reading before hitting “publish”!]

The website for the 2016 WayzGoose in St. Louis has gone live.  Just like the past two years, the WayzGoose website is a subdomain of this main APA-Letterpress website.The site can be found by clicking here or by entering the URL:

It can also be found at the generic redirection of or clicking on the link in the left side bar of most of the content pages.

For historical purposes, the 2014 & 2015 WayzGoose websites can also still be found at the links in the left side bar of most of the content pages.