APA Virtual Archive

Letterpress printers cannot help but be aware of history and our organization’s role in it. Since its founding in 1958, members of the Amalgamated Printer’s Association have created a very large body of work. Beginning with Parker Worley (APA#198) in 1969, the APA has had an official Archivist position who is charged with preserving that work. Responsibility for the Archive passed to Carol Kent (APA#529) in 1989, then to David Kent (APA#599) in 1993, and then passed on to Lauri Taylor (APA#860) in 2021, who is its current caretaker.

As an organization, we promote and encourage the physical act of putting ink on paper and realize that digital depictions are a poor reflection of that endeavor. Through our printing we do share stories and those are better shared than boxed up. At its core, the APA is a print exchange club with the idea that sharing letterpress printing both inspires and provides opportunities for members to learn from one another. Likewise, it is hoped that the sharing of these virtual prints will educate and inspire future printing endeavors.

Treasure Gems is the APA’s annual collaborative Book project. Begun in 1971 it provides a nice array of member prints through the years.
The APA Calendar is the APA’s annual cooperative calendar project. Begun in 1961 it gives a glimpse at the work of various APA members.
Member Type Specimens is a selectionof various type specimen projects created by APA members.
Amateur Journalism is a selection of journals and “4-pagers” created by APA members.
Type & Press was a letterpress journal dedicated to the preservation of the printing art. It was published from 1975 to 2000.
Galley Gab was the unofficial APA monthly newsletter of 2007.
APA Journal was the unofficial APA newsletter from 2008 to 2013.
Miscellaneous Member Projects are projects we wanted to share but didn’t fit into a specific category.

Let us know if you have suggestions, observations or items to contribute.