APA Bundle Mailing Information for 2024

APA Bundle Submission Due By Dates for 2024
January 12th
April 12th
July 12th
October 11th
February 9th
May 10th
August 9th
November 8th
March 8th
June 7th
September 6th
December 6th

APA Bundles are mailed between the 10th and 15th of each month. In order to allow us time on the weekend to collate, pack, label, and seal the bundles, the 2024 Mail Due-By dates are listed above. Items arriving after these dates will be sent out in the following month’s bundle.

Your 2024 APA Mailer & Address:

T.H. Groves, 2024 APA Mailer
160 S Dewey Road
Dewey, AZ 86327-7099 USA
Contact the Mailer