The Two-fer President’s Honor Roll for April & May

The bundles for April and May were both filled with some great and diverse letterpress printing. The calligrapher in me really liked the April envelope with the bold print and hand lettered “Easter”… A great beginning to the treasures inside.

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1. Jessica Spring, Springtide Press #738: April Spring Tidings Postcard.

Jessica is one of the masters of letterpress ornaments, and playful ornamental designs. I love everything she creates and learn from her design and color esthetics. Now to think of who to mail the card to…

2. John Horn, Shooting Star Press #553: Small Booklets: The Raven [April] & I Have a Dream [May].

John is one of our master letterpress printers and his small book series, linotype-set and printed on his C&P, reflect his precision and skill. The booklets are not overly designed but the typography is spot-on in a Bruce Rogers-way, allowing the text to reach the reader uninterrupted. And undertaking the task of printing a book rather than single sheet small ephemera is to be recognized, especially when printed so well! And re-printing Martin Luther King’s iconic speech in its entirety is timely and very welcome. Thank you, John.

3. Heather Hale, Hale Press #829: The April Jim Daggs Refrigerator Award for her Life’s Journey quote.

Absolutely believe in the full experience of life’s journey! Several people come to mind with this quote, and leave me with a smile knowing some details of their journey, and one is my friend Dave Peat! Heather, excellent choice of the dingbat and the pattern ornament in the background. Beautiful!

4. Larry Johnson, Pelican Type Foundry #982: His Prop Card.

The filigree design on the caps is well suited to the line-cut of the pelican. Simple but very nicely designed with great type and well printed on a paper that reminds me of the clouds at the ocean… and using movable metal type that you cast yourself is always a winner! Look at his prop card, visit his website, order some type and ornaments and print for the bundle.

5. And finally, Joyce Gabriel #961: The May Jim Daggs Refrigerator Award for her coaster Ink, Drink & Press On!

Got to love ornaments, blue ink and ampersands, especially on a coaster. Happens to also be one of the mottos of my printing shop. Not sure how long this coaster will last on my refrigerator, though!

Keep up the great printing, typography and design, keep the bundles full and look forward to seeing many of you in August at the Haverhill Wayzgoose at the MOP.

Mark Barbour
2021 APA President