Thursday Workshops

There will be 5 workshops at the Hamilton Type Museum on Thursday, June 9th,
hosted by Hamilton. Workshops are full day and will run from 9am to 4 pm.

Workshops cost $100 and space is limited as indicated, so make your reservations early.

(Reservations will be open on May 1, 2022 or Earlier)

1. Natural Dye & Textile Block Printing

Instructor: Raychel Steinbach [#926]
Maximum Attendees: 12

Explore the natural possibilities of plant-based natural dyes in this hands-on workshop. We will learn the basic process of natural dyes as well as learn how to print carved linoleum blocks on fabric with sign presses or hand printing.

2. Wood Type Cutting at Hamilton

Instructors: Georgie Liesch and Jen Anne
Maximum Attendees: 6

Master Typecutter Georgie Liesch and Associate Typecutter Jen Anne take you through the process of producing new wood type. After starting with wood preparation, you’ll learn about using patterns, proportion calculations, and the pantograph router to cut type from a pattern. You’ll also learn about trim-sawing wood to line, and using knives and punches to do final hand-trimming of the wood characters.

3. Angles and Devils

Instructor: Richard Kegler [#913]
Maximum Attendees: 12

This one day workshop will explore the use of the Rotary angle chase which was recently revived as a 3-D printed facsimile of the legendary Challenge angle chase. Using materials from the Hamilton collection, participants will produce prints that break out of the 90 degree confines of a standard lockup.

4. Silver Buckle Sampler

Instructor: Jessica Spring [#738]
Maximum Attendees: 12

In this fast-paced full day workshop, we’ll have the opportunity to explore the treasures of the Silver Buckle Press which include wood and metal type, as well as gorgeous ornaments. Employing a meander folded book structure we’ll learn together, each student will contribute to a page of a small collaborative book to take home. Our focus will be on careful typesetting and composition, with discussion of working with valuable historic materials.

5. Wood Engraving – An Adventure in End-Grain Printmaking

Instructors: Jim Horton [#622] and Tony Drehfal
Maximum Attendees: 12

We will be exploring the printmaking process of wood engraving (often referred to as the “lost” method of printmaking). It has rich historical roots, and in many ways, brought illustration to the mass media in the 19th century. It remains today, a viable artistic path to personal expression. It is characterized by fine detail and striking contrasts. The tools, called gravers, cut into a polished surface of type-high wood. It works particularly well with letterpress type. All tools and materials will be provided.