The Final Changes to the 2022 Membership…

To round out the 2022 Membership Roster, please note the following changes:

#941: Ted & Theresa Kratschmer
have resigned after welcoming a new baby to their family.

To fill out our membership at 150 members, let’s welcome our new member:

#996: Michael Moore
The Letterkraft Press
Independence, Kentucky

I first met Michael back in 2013, when I was liquidating Williams Stationery Co., in Camden, New York.  He was quick to snap up my 8×12 Chandler & Price New Series with pony fountain, a Hammond Glider G4 saw (I had two, only need one now!) and one of my 18″x18″ custom made Imposing Stone Galley Racks we had positioned by every press.

He has about 40 years experience in printing, about the same as me, and is a really nice guy. I’m happy to see him join our Merry Band of Letterpress Printers!!  Welcome Aboard Michael!!