2021 Membership Changes, Round 1…

Our Secretary/Treasurer, Katie Roeck, has completed round 1 of the annual membership changes due to resignations, removals, reinstatements and new members. These changes leave us with 148 active members and 1 tramp printer, so there are two vacancies in the roster. Here are the details of the changes made:

First, those leaving us for the moment:


#749: Jennifer Farrell
#882: David & Cathy Celani
#946: Bernadette Milan
#956: Mike Tyer


#672: Leland Whitson
#687: John Barrett
#857: Julie Russell-Steuart & David Steuart
#870: Ren Vasiliev
#901: Kelly Shields

And let us welcome our Reinstated and New Members: 


#605: David Smith
#833: Ivan Gulkov
#855: Selene Fisher
#919: Debbie Campbell
#943: Ethan Lipton
#949: Andrew Huot

New Members:

#979: Barry Mueller
Blairstown, New Jersey

#980: Steven Pommer
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Updated digital directories in PDF format of the membership roster are available in the files section of the Members Only group at groups.io:

Link to Download Active Member Directories (For Active Members Only)

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    • Look over the different pages on the left sidebar of the home page. Some of these pages, especially the first one, will give you the information you are looking for.
      And yes, it is mainly for hobby printers and small home-based printers. There are some of us, like myself that had careers in commercial letterpress that are now retired, with a home shop and looking to share their experience with newer printers looking to keep the craft alive.

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