Mike Anderson (APA #708) diagnosed with cancer


Note of interest for members of the
Amalgamated Printers’ Association
Mike Anderson diagnosed with cancer

I don’t mind sending out these “APA-O-Grams with good news such as the most recent one regarding Jen Farrell. But this one I really don’t like. Here’s the message from Mike’s wife Suzanne:

   I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mike (Anderson) has been diagnosed with cancer.  He asked me to email you.  We had been planning for hip surgery for September 4, after an orthopedic surgeon ruled his hip pain was due to arthritis (from the x-rays).  We tried cortisone shots and physical therapy – which didn’t do much & he stopped.  The earliest surgery we could get was Sept. 4.  In the pre-op appointments in August, our primary care doctor became suspicious that the symptoms sounded more like cancer than arthritis . . . confirmed by blood tests showing high white cell count et al and then lack of appetite, increasing pain.  He ordered a CT Scan which did show cancer – unfortunately it’s invasive and in the liver, lymph nodes of abdomen/stomach, lower lung, and bone (hip/pelvis).  Mike went in yesterday for a liver biopsy and results will take 5 days.  We meet with an oncologist on September 10.  Right now we don’t know the primary site or the grade or the prognosis.  We do know it’s serious.

   All of the family and has been notified of this and word is out, so you are free to let others know about this or to forward this message.   Please consider deleting others’ email addresses before forwarding.  I’ve been notifying people in a series of emails, so some others have already been notified.

   The Big C was not on Mike’s agenda, and this has spun us 180 onto a new path.  He has a Kindle Fire and checks his messages.  If you want to contact him, his bedside cell number is 443-684-1983.   He wears earphones for TV and may not hear the phone – you may have to try a few times.