2022 APA Aloha ‘Goose Website Fully Active!

The majority of the work has been completed on the 2022 APA Aloha ‘Goose website, with the final page, “Registration & Payment”, being completed and going live at 9pm last night.

You can go to the site by CLICKING HERE and then check out the information and make your reservation and payment for the June 9th-12th Aloha ‘Goose.

Active Members and Non-Members are welcome to join us at the 2022 Aloha ‘Goose. There is a limit of 100 attendees, so please make your reservations early!

There may be a few updates to the Schedule of Events, as there are a couple time slots with events yet to be determined, so future posts will note these changes…

APA 2022 Aloha ‘Goose Website is “mostly” active…

I am still working on some of the details and awaiting further information from the organizers to get everything up and running.  But, the “Work In Progress” has a lot of useful information.

However, the online registration page and the downloadable registration form will not be available until all the information is complete.

But you can still book your hotel room and make your travel plans now, and the Aloha ‘Goose registration limit of 100 attendees will be given priority to those who have already completed their other reservations in advance.

So check out the the information on the Aloha ‘Goose Website

The Final Changes to the 2022 Membership…

To round out the 2022 Membership Roster, please note the following changes:

#941: Ted & Theresa Kratschmer
have resigned after welcoming a new baby to their family.

To fill out our membership at 150 members, let’s welcome our new member:

#996: Michael Moore
The Letterkraft Press
Independence, Kentucky

I first met Michael back in 2013, when I was liquidating Williams Stationery Co., in Camden, New York.  He was quick to snap up my 8×12 Chandler & Price New Series with pony fountain, a Hammond Glider G4 saw (I had two, only need one now!) and one of my 18″x18″ custom made Imposing Stone Galley Racks we had positioned by every press.

He has about 40 years experience in printing, about the same as me, and is a really nice guy. I’m happy to see him join our Merry Band of Letterpress Printers!!  Welcome Aboard Michael!!

Our Last Two New Members Until the “Dues Shake-Out”!

Let’s welcome our two newest members:

994: Teresa Sponaugle
Grain Bin Press
Greeley, Colorado
995: Sarah M. Smith
Olfactory Gleanings
White River Junction, Vermont

These two new members with be the last additions until we shake out those who have not paid their dues or have decided to not continue with us this year.  But, as of now, we have our full compliment of 150 Active Members, plus 1 Tramp Printer.