2023-2024 Board of Directors

APA Members on the Board of Directors for 2023-2024


Mark Barbour [#662]


Sven Olaf Nelson [#776]


Katie T. Roeck [#976]


T.H. Groves [#911]


Lauri Taylor [#860]


Lance Williams [#785]

Senior Director:

Scott Moore [#885-S]

Junior Director:

Denise El-Hoss [#970]

Freshman Director:

Jessica Spring [#738]

2023 Initial Membership Roster Changes…

Happy New Year, and Welcome to 2023.
With the new year, there are the usual roster changes.
Below are the changes:

Members Who Were Removed Or Resigned:

#649: Ernie Blitzer
#878: Lawrence Peterson & Gene Gates
#915: Laura Bentley
#935: Kristen O’Laughlin
#992: Saul Adrian Torres

New Members Joining Our Ranks in 2023:

#1000: Matthew Squibb
Print Factory Press
Sylvania, Ohio

#1001: Jessica Crouch
The State Park Press
Fort Collins, Colorado

#1002: Heidi Mozingo
Carmel Cottage Press
Carmel, California

#1003: Dawn Carter
Eagar, Arizona

#1004: Mary Peterson
Los Angeles, California

#1005: Timothy Fay
Anamosa, Iowa

#1006: Josephine Cabezas
Weathered Oak Press
Bethesda, Maryland

Former Member Being Reinstated:

#687: John Barrett
Letterpress Things
Feeding Hills, Massachusetts

Members Advanced to Tramp Printer Status:

#287: Bob Oldham [Reinstated as Tramp Printer]
#567: Jim Hedges
#623: George W. Hamilton

Members We Lost During 2022:

#777: Gregory Walters Jackson [January]
#958: Michael Grossman [June]
#616: Dennis Bayuzick [December]

Welcome our New Registrar…

Fellow Letterpress Printers

Now that the revisions to the Constitution & By-Laws have been ratified, as included in the October Bundle, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to introduce our new Registrar, Lance Williams [#785], filling the new position created in the new revisions. For several years now, Lance has been voluntarily fulfilling the duties of this position, helping the Board on so many levels and by extension serving all of the APA members.

For clarification, the Registrar is responsible for APA membership records, with particular regard to:

  1. Maintaining an up-to-date computerized record of all active and inactive members of the APA, including adding new members and marking members as inactive as necessary.
  2. Recording membership dues and donations to the member database, as reported by the Secretary-Treasurer.
  3. Performing the attendee registration tasks for the annual APA Wayzgoose, with assistance of the Secretary-Treasurer to handle incoming funds.
  4. Publishing or have published a current membership directory annually in the June bundle.

A new Contact The Registrar link has been added to the website left sidebar menu to contact the registrar with any issues regarding your membership database information. Of course, you can also update your information using the Update Your Information form as well, as this form is sent to the Registrar, Secretary/Treasurer & Mailer when submitted.

Join me in welcoming Lance Williams to the new position of APA Registrar! And thank you Lance for all that you continue to do for our organization.

Mark Barbour, President
Amalgamated Printers Association

Proposed New Constitution and By-Laws Passes

The revisions to the APA Constitution & By-Laws passed by a vote of 82 yeas and 17 nays with 50 abstaining. Thanks to everyone who made their voice heard both through the voting and the general discussions. We have a truly great hobby organization that is now approaching old age at 64 but we remain strong, creative and vibrant! The board and officers remain honored to serve the APA members and continue to lead us forward. October is now approaching so back to your cases and presses and fill up those bundles with your best printing.

On behalf of the Board,
Mark Barbour
APA 2022 President