Towne Talk – a Journal of Bruce F. Towne

Bruce Towne (APA#191) was the local grocer in Jamaica, Iowa throughout his life and, besides sharing his letterpress work with the APA and other amateur journalism groups, he also used to place it into the grocery bags of his customers.

Towne Talk May 1959, Labeled Volume 1 Number 2.

This issue contains a poem by Janice Kuehl, a 4th grader in Jamaica, IA. In 2018, Janice (now) Harbaug was interviewed and attributed her love of writing to Bruce Towne, the town grocer. The article was titled “A Longer Shelf Life” and appeared in The Jefferson Herald. This copy was provided to us from her childhood keepsakes.

Towne Talk Winter 1964, Labeled Number 1 and identified as the first effort of printing for the Jamaica Lone Scouts group the masthead reads “Towne Talk” in Morse code.

Issue provided by Janice Harbaug.

Towne Talk December 1964, Labeled Number 69.

Issue provided by Janice Harbaug.

Towne Talk April 1965, Labeled Number 73.

Issue provided by Janice Harbaug.

Towne Talk July 1966, Labeled Number 88.

Issue provided by Janice Harbaug.

Towne Talk Number 67 – October 1964 is available on Jake’s Journals.
Towne Talk March 1968, Labeled Number 108.
Towne Talk March 1970, Labeled Number 132.
Bruce Towne passed away on September 3, 1970.Issue provided by Janice Harbaug.

In Russell Louis Paxton’s article “The Impact of Lone Scout Journalists” in the July 2008 issue of The Fossil he counts Bruce Towne among the Lone Scouts who helped raise the standards of organized AJay.

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