Miscellaneous Projects

Uncategorized prints and projects from APA members that may be of interest.

Cover Image Printing As A Hobby For Women
Printed by Matilda Schabrucker Haywood & William F. Haywood (APA#391) in 1960.
Cover Image A Comp’s-Eye View of Punctuation
Printed by Emerson Gissel Wulling (APA#115) in 1962.
Cover Image The young job printer :
a book of instructions in details on job printing for beginners

A reprint of S.M. Weatherly’s 1889 book
Printed by Frank Myrle Cushing (APA#32) in 1963.
“for private distribution to members of the Amalgamated Printers’ Association and a few printing minded friends.”
Cover Image July 1968 Bundle
Contents of an APA bundle saved by Ronald A. Ruble (APA#322). Numerous APA members contributed.
Cover Image The Evolution of a Private Press, Ronart Press
Printed by Ronald A. Ruble (APA#322) in 1971.
Cover Image The Table Top Lever Press
Observations by Jane W. Roberts (APA#383) in 1981.
Cover Image Too Big to Bundle, Five APA book Printers
Printed by Emerson Gissel Wulling (APA#115) in 1984.
Cover Image The APA Bundle – An Evaluation
Printed by Gary Hantke (APA#78), Ward K. Schori (APA#100), & Emerson G. Wulling (APA#115) in La Crosse, Wisconsin September 21, 1986.
Cover Image Pressing On: The Letterpress Film
Co-directed by Erin Beckloff (APA#885) in 2017 this film highlights many APA Members including Paul Aken (APA#659), Celene Aubry (APA#856), Dave Churchman (APA#308), Jim Daggs (APA#695), Jennifer Farrell (APA#749), Rick Von Holdt (APA#546), Rich Hopkins (APA#226), Jim Moran (APA#899), Stephanie Carpenter (APA#898), Scott Moore (APA#885), Dave Peat (APA#247), Tammy and Adam Winn (APA#896), & Gregory J. Walters (APA#777). It is available on several streaming services.

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