WayzGoose 2015: ChicaGoose Website Online

It is still in the formative stages, but the website for the 2015 WayzGoose in Chicago has gone live today.  Just like last year, the WayzGoose website is a subdomain of this main APA-Letterpress website.  Jennifer Farrell has done a great job in the initial design of the site, and I am sure it will develop well over the coming weeks & months…

The site can be found by clicking here or by entering the URL:


It can also be found at the generic redirection of wayzgoose.apa-letterpress.com or clicking on the link in the left side bar of most of the content pages.

For historical purposes, the 2014 WayzGoose website can also still be found at it’s new address: http://2014wayzgoose.apa-letterpress.com