2019 Membership Roster Changes

The following changes to our active membership for 2019:

The following are NEW members to the APA, please welcome them to the group!

954: Matt Collins
Quondam Press
New York, New York

955: David M. Laskowski II
Littleton, Colorado

956: Mike Tyer
Trademark Letterpress Co.
Waterloo, Iowa

957: Gary Walton
Cincinnati Type & Press Museum
Cincinnati, Ohio

958: Michael Grossman
Roxbury, Massachusetts

959: Gwendolyn Holbrow
Audax Press
Framingham, Massachusetts

960: Scott Howard
Cross Hollow Press
Portland, Oregon

The following is a reactivated member for 2019:

824: Michael Seitz
Missoula, Montana

The following members have been moved to inactive status:

589: Alan Waring
650: Richard Niehaus
659: Paul Aken
681: Karen Anton Stafford
687: John Barrett
864: Virginia Green
900: Wilson Thomas
901: Kelly Shields
908: Richard Yeager
922: Marit Bockelie
933: Chris Goellner
934: Katherine Woodward
936: Tony Guadagnolo
938: Sarah Hough

In Memoriam of W. Gale Mueller, APA #575

When searching for an obituary for Gale, all I found from the funeral home was this:

Warren Gale Mueller
July 3, 1927 – August 27, 2018
Warren Gale Mueller was born on July 3, 1927 and passed away on August 27, 2018

However, in the APALetPresGroup on Yahoo, Sky Shipley noted the following:

“Greg McKelvey (ex-APA543) was very close friends with Gale Mueller. Greg has published a tribute to Gale in his amateur journal, The Ink Zone. A PDF file is available in the Files menu of the Yahoo home page for this Forum. (Note: the file is formatted for printing out into a two-sheet, 8-page journal; the pages are out of order when viewing online.)”

I have downloaded the PDF file and posted here for review, just CLICK HERE.